No matter if you are big business, SME, NGO, local or regional body, government, entrepreneur, academic institution or ambitious citizen, if you can answer yes to any of the questions below, why not contact us so we can jointly explore further?

Do you have great ideas?

With a great innovative idea, we will help develop your ambition into profitable business; no matter whether it is a new product or service for your traditional customers or you want to enter a completely new market. We can assist you attain funding across Europe and help your organisation manage or lead the project at any stage or all the way.

Or, do you want to be part of a great project?

Under various project funding schemes, multi-party consortiums are necessary and an opportunity. Maybe your expertise is exactly what is necessary. Why not send us your CV and a list of interests?

Do you seek to engage in research?

R&I are essential to and growth and investment strategies. Why not, for example, open up new market frontiers or help make better policy decisions with your results?

Do you seek to decide on the location of your European project hub based on ideal funding opportunities?

The variety of funding available across Europe, or administered at Brussels-Level, we identify variety of funding options which can determine the appropriate conditions for your preferences. Let us find the right pot in the right geography.